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Can You Trust the Bible?

Can You Trust the Bible?


Frances Hogan shares the awe she experiences in studying the Bible. We marvel with her at the ways of God in dealing with His beloved children. She answers the critics’ toughest questions.

This easy-to-understand guide presents reliable and up-to-date scholarship to help sceptics and believers alike.

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    * This product is a digital book and not a physical book.

    **This product is copyright of France Hogan, and is available for non-commerical use only, not to be shared or uploaded on the internet. For educational purposes, please contact for more information.

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    As soon as  the online payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to you the customer with a download link for the PDF file.

    The link also appears on the Thank You page.

    The download link sent to customers is active for 30 days. After that, it no longer works.

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