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The Song of Songs Part 1

The Song of Songs Part 1


The first two poems of the Song of Songs reveal the extraordinary love relationship between God and each person who truly loves Him. This revelation is so astonishing that it will warm your heart and bring real joy into your life. It will heal your wounds and make carrying your cross a lot easier. Finally, it will set you on fire with love for your most humble, loving Saviour.

  • Additional info

    *All of these recordings are made to a live audience, therefore there may be some background noises that can't be removed.

    **This product is copyright of France Hogan, and is available for non-commerical use only, not to be shared or uploaded on the internet. For educational purposes, please contact for more information.

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  • Download Information

    As soon as  the online payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to you the customer with a download link for the audio file.

    The link also appears on the Thank You page.

    The download link sent to customers is active for 30 days. After that, it no longer works.

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