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True Happiness

True Happiness


The Beatitudes were proclaimed by Jesus on the Mount of Revelation after His victory over Satan in the wilderness. Jesus revealed the 'stairway to Heaven' which He wanted the redeemed to climb on their journey into union with God in this life. The Beatitudes can also be compared with a mountain range with each peak higher in vision and holiness than the last one. Those who scale these heights, with the help of the Holy Spirit and grace, prove themselves to be the children of God. Each mountain climb is a step into greater personal freedom and happiness until we are totally free and permanently happy in the Lord.

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    *All of these recordings are made to a live audience, therefore there may be some background noises that can't be removed.

    **This product is copyright of France Hogan, and is available for non-commerical use only, not to be shared or uploaded on the internet. For educational purposes, please contact for more information.

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    As soon as  the online payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to you the customer with a download link for the audio file.

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